PRISM Glass Top Table

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Glass Top Dining Table

This dining table delivers a modern silhouette and versatile palette to your eat-in kitchen or

dining room.

Dimensions: Dia90 x H74cms

Structural Frame: MDF | Tempered Glass

Color: As in image

Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions: Refer to product care handbook for more information.

PRISM Glass Top Table

Allow us to pull a tablecloth off this magic trick! Now you see PRISM Glass Top Table. With a spectacular trick up its sleeve, this dashing dining table brings some serious style stunts to your dining room faster than you can say: “Pass the peas, please!”

Our PRISM Glass Top Table is a feast for the eyes, not just because it’s designed to hold feasts but because it’s a smooth talker when it comes to aesthetics. Sporting a modern silhouette and versatile palette, it’s like the Swiss Army knife of tables. As they say – dinner, breakfast, or an ill-advised home haircut, this table has your back!

• Sized Dia90 x H74cms – It’s like the Goldilocks of dining furniture: not too big, not too small, just right!

• Structural Frame: MDF | Tempered Glass – Standout stability that’s as reliable as your mother’s fruitcake recipe.

This table was born and raised in China, but don’t worry – it took English lessons, so it’s perfectly at ease in any part of the world (color of the table is as in image). Like an international traveler, it collects stories and spills without complaint, adding character as the years go by.

Please note that our PRISM Glass Top Table also comes with a care instruction handbook. The humorous pages are filled with all you need to know to maintain this gorgeous table’s charm.

So do you fancy some table talk that’s more than “seen but not heard”? Our PRISM Glass Top Table is ready to take center stage. Comedy, drama, or a tense action thriller; this table can handle it all. Just remember: if you ruin the dinner, this table might just upstage you with its stunning good looks.

prism glass top table
PRISM Glass Top Table

10 in stock