FLORAL KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

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Package Includes

1. King Bed + 2 Nightstands – Kes. 330,000/-

Bed Dimensions:

Bed: L216 x W198 x H121cms

Nightstand: L48 x W40 x H43cms

Mattress Size: W180 x L200cms

2. Dresser Mirror – Kes. 180,000/- 

Overall: L80 x W40 x H181cms

Available in King size only.

Additional Information:

Bed frame dimensions allow room around the recommended mattress

size for ease of making up the bed. The gap between the mattress and

surrounding bed frame will vary depending on the size of frame and

the mattress chosen. Please speak to a member of our team if you would

like more information.

Structural Frame: Solid Rubber wood | Natural Wood Veneer

Under bed: 3 bars Center support made of powder coated metal

Color: As in image

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Care Instructions: Refer to product care handbook for more information.

FLORAL KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

If your bedroom is feeling more lackluster than lustrous, then let me spin a yarn about the FLORAL KING PACKAGE. It’s more than a simple bedroom set; it’s your personal palace of slumberland, your very own dream factory, where your dreams will never be anything less than king-sized.

This regal package includes a bed befitting of a king, stretching across an impressive L217 x W195 x H120cms. If you’re anything like me and struggle with sizings, that’s around 7 tiny house elves laid head to toe (not recommended, they get cranky!). The bed also comes with two nightstands, which are cute and useful – much like a good dog, but you don’t need to take these for walks. Each nightstand measures a convenient L60 x W40 x H52cms, so they won’t crowd your royal space.

• Bed is perfect for the recommended mattress size of W180 x L200cms.

• Roomy enough to allow for easy bed making.

• Bed frame dimensions and mattress-gap vary with size of frame and chosen mattress.

When you roll out of your majestic bed, imagine your reflection in a mirror that makes you feel like the queen or king you are. This package comes with a Dresser Mirror, sizing up at a respectable L120 x W45 x H198cms.

• Dresser Mirror: Stands tall and impressive at L120 x W45 x H198cms.

Floral King Package Regal Set

This regal set is caste in a Solid Rubberwood and dressed to impress in a Natural Wood Veneer. The set features 3 center support bars underneath the bed, each made from the stuff of knights – powder-coated metal. All boasting a color that matches the photo, it takes your bedroom from bleak to chic.

• Constructed with Solid Rubber wood and Natural Wood Veneer

• Under-bed support enhanced with 3 bars of powder-coated metal

• Matches the color as shown in the image

Born in Malaysia, raised in your bedroom, this dream-come-true set does come with a manual so you can give it the care it deserves. Please, treat it with the respect royalty commands: any questions you have about care, just speak to our team member.

• Crafted in Malaysia

• Comes with a product care handbook (fun fact: handbooks hardly ever use their hands).

With the FLORAL KING PACKAGE, your dreams will be just as luxurious as your waking moments. Better living, better dreaming. That’s our promise. Or my name isn’t Assistant the Content Writing… Assistant. Well, you get the idea. Get the FLORAL KING PACKAGE – because you deserve it!

Dimensions 222 × 215 × 136 cm

floral king package - king bed + 2 nightstands + dresser mirror
FLORAL KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

2 in stock