Client Contact Privacy Notice


Furniture Palace also serves a diverse clientele including corporate clients, we also seek services from other businesses in our day-to-day operations. This document is meant to cater to this cluster and provides information regarding how we use and share personal information shared with us by our corporate clients or service providers.  

1.  How to contact us

In case you have a concern or query regarding how our business uses your personal information you can reach us through our contacts below:

  • Post: P.O Box 35476 – 00100, Nairobi
  • Telephone: 0722 201201
  • E-mail: [email protected] 

2. How we use personal information

The personal information shared with us is used to:

  • Manage our relationships with you and keep in touch with you
  • Promote our products to you and potential customers

Managing our relationships

We use personal information to maintain and develop our relationships with clients, suppliers and their representatives.

Your personal information could be used to:

  • Inform you about product changes 
  • Contacting you with billing enquiries
  • Inviting you to events and webinars
  • Corresponding with you about your enquiries
  • Conducting surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative feedback
  • Canvassing you about products or product features you want us to develop


We use personal information to market our products and services to current and potential clients and their representatives. To fulfill this, we could use your personal data to:

  • Monitor your interactions to understand the products that interest you so we can tailor our marketing
  • Contacting you by email, telephone or post to tell you about products and services we think will interest you

Monitoring and improving our websites

To help us improve the user experience on our website. We use information, such as how different people navigate our websites, how long they spend on particular pages and what content they download. This helps us match individual interests and preferences.

Security and systems administration

We also use this information for security and system administration to generate non-personalised data (such as statistics on the uptake of services and patterns of browsing). In addition, we may share this anonymous data with business contacts, selected third parties, sponsors and advertisers.

Legal and regulatory purposes

We may also need to use your personal information for legal and regulatory purposes.

3. The kinds of personal information we use and where we get it

We obtain and use information from various sources summarized in the following table.

Type of informationDescriptionSourceName and contact details:Basic personal information about you and your workplace.Usually provided by the individual via telephone, email, our websites or in person at an event.Organisation-related details:Your organisation, department and role.
Login credentials:Username and password recorded when you sign up to any of our web-based services.Provided by the user or AI-generated or by us (if we reset a password).Contact history:Our engagements, such as information exchanged, meetings, events or webinars attended, emails opened, links clicked and contacts within TransUnion.We produce these records.Device information:The type of device used to access our websites, its operating system, cookies, browser and IP address.We produce this information.Website usage:Use of our websites, such as pages visited and content downloaded.

We need your personal information to provide our products correctly. You don’t have to provide us with personal information for technical support requests, but this may impede the help we can provide.

4. Personal Information Retention Period

Simply put, we keep personal information for as long as necessary. More technically, we retain it to fulfil the purpose(s) of its provision, comply with applicable laws, and for as long as your consent to such purpose(s) remains valid after termination of our relationship.

5. Our legal basis for handling personal information

Legitimate interests

The Data Protection Act No. 24 of 2019 allows personal information usage where necessary for legitimate purposes without undue adverse impact. We base most of our processing activities on the legitimate interests listed below.

Strategic customer engagementDevelop and leverage our understanding of customers and suppliers and how they use our products and services.
Strategically targeted marketingPromote new and existing products and services to suitable current and potential clients.
Develop new and improve existing products and servicesHelp us remain competitive, differentiated and attractive to clients by providing world-class, future-fit solutions.
Monitor and secure our systems and dataFulfil our promise by keeping our systems and data secure.

Other legal bases

Sometimes we process personal information on the following grounds:

GroundsExamplesConsentWe’ll ask if you agree to us using your data in specified ways, such as when you tick a box showing you wish to receive marketing emails or telephone calls from us.ContractualWe may need to use your details to perform a contracted product or service.LegalRegulators, government bodies and courts can order us to provide information and we may have to comply.

Our Service providers

We might provide information to third parties that help us achieve the purposes described in Section 2. For example:

  • Cloud-based services, such as Salesforce, to help host, manage and analyse our databases
  • Printing companies to produce and send direct mail or other correspondence
  • Market research companies to help us better understand our customers
  • Third parties that analyse or enhance the data and return the results to us

These service providers cannot use your information for their purposes or on behalf of other organisations unless you agree otherwise.

7. Where we store and send personal information

We access and use your information from our base in Kenya. We will not transfer personal information to a country lacking laws that provide an adequate level of information protection — unless we have an agreement with the recipient requiring measures that offer a similar level of protection as the Data Protection Act No. 24 of 2019 in Kenya.

8. Your rights concerning personal information

Access: You have the right to find out if and what personal information we hold about you. Refer all your Data Access requests to [email protected] 

Correction/Destruction/Deletion: If the information we hold about you is inaccurate, irrelevant, excessive, out of date, incomplete, misleading or obtained lawfully, you have a right to ask us to correct it or delete it.

Objection to processing: You may object (on reasonable grounds) to processing your personal information unless legislation provides for such processing.

Objection to direct marketing: You may object to us using your personal information for direct marketing, and if you do, we will stop.

9. Where to lodge a complaint

We strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service. However, if you’re ever dissatisfied with us, please contact us through the channels below:

  • Post: P.O Box 35476 – 00100 GPO, Nairobi
  • Telephone 0722 201201
  • E-mail:…[email protected]

You may complain to the Information Regulator: