VITA Plastic Chair

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If you’re looking for dining room chairs that require minimal (or zero) maintenance,

this dining chair set could fit the bill.

Dimensions: L61 x W52 x H81cms

Structural Frame: Durable Plastic

Country of Origin: China

VITA Plastic Chair

It’s time to give your backside the treat it deserves with the VITA Plastic Chair – because even butts need a little love! Designed to wrap around your body like a comforting quilt on a cold winter night, the Chair looks like it strutted off the pages of a home decor magazine. What’s more, it’s practical too (no, seriously).

This gem of a chair measures a well-appointed L61 x W52 x H81cms, ideal for small spaces, big spaces, and those weird in-between spaces. Got a square room? A round room? A room shaped like a potato? No problem! The VITA Plastic Chair doesn’t play favorites.

But don’t mistake ‘plastic’ for ‘cheap.’ This chair’s strut worthy structural frame, meticulously crafted out of long-lasting plastic, could possibly survive the apocalypse (We don’t advise testing it though). So, go ahead and plop down after a long, tiring day with a tub of ice cream and your favorite book. This chic chair won’t even break a sweat under the crushing weight of your existential dread.

Manufactured in the industrious, promise-filled fields of China, this chair captures the epitome of eastern practicality.

The VITA Plastic Chair Features:

• Guilt-Free Relaxation: Who said you can’t be stylish and snug? This Chair is the perfect blend of form and function.

• Low-Maintenance Luxury: With its easy-to-clean plastic design, you can say buh-bye to hours of painstaking upholstery cleaning.

• Space-Friendly Contours: With its dimensions of L61 x W52 x H81cms, it cosies up perfectly into any spatial quandary.

• Post-apocalyptic Durability: Made from high-grade, durable plastic, it’s the chair that lives to tell the tale.

• Eastern Aesthetics: Straight from China, it merges practicality with a dash of international flair.

Remember, a chair isn’t just four legs and a backrest. It’s where you’ll laugh at bad jokes, cry over romantic tragedies, and emerge victorious after grueling gaming sessions. Make every sitting moment count with the VITA Plastic Chair. So, go on, give your derrière the chair it has been dreaming of!

Dimensions 55 × 55 × 82 cm

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VITA Plastic Chair

43 in stock