VENO KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

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Package Includes

1. King Bed + 2 Nightstands – Kes. 330,000/-

Bed Dimensions:

Bed: L216 x W198 x H121cms

Nightstand: L48 x W40 x H43cms

Mattress Size: W180 x L200cms

2. Dresser Mirror – Kes. 180,000/- 

Overall: L80 x W40 x H181cms

Available in King size only.

Additional Information:

Bed frame dimensions allow room around the recommended mattress

size for ease of making up the bed. The gap between the mattress and

surrounding bed frame will vary depending on the size of frame and

the mattress chosen. Please speak to a member of our team if you would

like more information.

Structural Frame: Solid Rubber wood | Natural Wood Veneer

Under bed: 3 bars Center support made of powder coated metal

Color: As in image

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Care Instructions: Refer to product care handbook for more information.

VENO KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

Don’t you dream of a bedroom that screams, “I’m the king here!” Well, your dreams are about to become a reality. Get ready to sleep, dream, and wake up in royalty with the VENO KING PACKAGE. This package includes a majestic King Bed, two loyal Nightstands, and a Dresser Mirror that will make sure that you realize who the fairest of them all really is – YOU!

Let’s talk digits and dimensions, shall we? The royal bed measures L216 x W198 x H121 cms – spacious enough to make you forget there’s a world beyond your comfort. The nightstands, naturally, follow suit, measuring L48 x W40 x H43 cms. They’re there to serve, hold your bedtime reads, the 3 am snack, or that favorite mug of yours. As for the ideal mattress, you’re looking at a W180 x L200 cms – roomy enough to lose yourself in your sweet dreams.

But the pièce de résistance is, without a doubt, the Dresser Mirror. With its L80 x W40 x H181 cms dimensions, it’s the perfect companion for those self-love pep-talks, you know, the ones that help you seize the day. And all this comes at a royal ticket of Kes. 180,000/- (we take funny money too, but preferably the real deal).

Additional but important details:

• The bed frame dimensions are intentionally made to leave some room for those pesky quilts and bed skirts. If you need more information, feel free to ask our team, they love chit-chat!

• The structural frame is forged from Solid Rubberwood and Natural Wood Veneer because you only deserve the best.

• The under bed features 3 bars Center support made of powder-coated metal. In other words, this bed ain’t going nowhere!

• The color matches the image. We haven’t developed see-through screens yet, but we’re working on it.

• Made in Malaysia – because who else makes furniture better?

• Care Instructions come with the product care handbook. Not to worry, it isn’t as hard as taking care of a pet dragon!

So make way for the VENO KING PACKAGE, the royal treatment you’ve been waiting for and the right mix of comfort, luxury, and style that your bedroom deserves. Happy royal dreaming!


Dimensions 222 × 215 × 136 cm

veno king bed + 2 nightstands
VENO KING PACKAGE – King Bed + 2 Nightstands + Dresser Mirror

11 in stock